We are open!


A warm welcome at the Kite-Village!

You are looking for an ideal kitespot? The Kite-Village team opened up a high-class kitearea in the last 10 years which is located in the south of Egypt.

The spot at the Kite-Village is one of a kind it offers perfect conditions for every level from complete beginner and amateurs to advanced rider. Stress-free kiting with a lot of space on the water combined with a safe feeling is guaranteed. The relaxed atmosphere at the station with its own bar, restaurant and masseur will contribute for your recreation.

Die high ratio of “repeaters” is the biggest compliment for our team and shows us we are on the right way.

The spot especially provides great wind statistics from September to June with a lot of strong wind days as well. If you are more into relaxed kiting and cruising we figured in the last couple years, the months June, July and August are a secret tip. In these months there are not too much days with strong winds compared to the months during the winter, but there are 14 to 18 knots almost everyday for 3-4 hours which means we get perfect conditions to give lessons, especially for beginners.

The tide is a complex theme, its way more than just the moonphase there are a lot of different factors which are a part in that game. For example the water-level of the red sea drops generally during the months in the summer for around 10 to 20cm according to the ocean current in the Indian Ocean.
That’s the reason why our lagoon is smaller during the summer so the edges of the lagoon get pretty shallow while we have low tide for a few hours.

Nevertheless you are able to have a session in the channel which is 800 by 300 meters wide even if we have low tide there is hip deep water. In the last two years we figured out that the summermonths are just perfect to practice with kids cause of the constant lightwind and the lower water-level which create ideal teaching-conditions.

A trouble-free waking backwards in the shallow hip deep water and the constant side shore wind raise the achievements you have on the water and provide a really safe environment for kids as well.

With the 4-star Wadi Lahmi AZUR**** and the 5-star Lahamy Bay***** we are able to offer 2 different hotels. The well organized shuttle-system picks you up in the morning at your hotel and brings you to the station, in the afternoon the shuttle brings you back to your hotel.

We hope we can welcome you soon in the Kite-Village
Klaus and his team