From girl to girl concerning kitesurfing

Equipment Comments for tiny women

Kiki Höglinger
 min read
November 5, 2022

Because i have a small frame, it was difficult for me to find the right equipment. Many girls asked me about the right equipment so i want to give you some comments

Concerning the board i am riding the Soleil from Duotone. Duotone offers straps and pads in small but i prefer straps and pads from the company SP. This straps and padsare custome made concerning my size and wide of the foot.

If you are already an advanced rider and want to use boots, i recommend the brand Slingshot Jewel. This boots have a narrow cut and fits perfect to me.

I use a Ride Engine Harness XS wich is skintight and doesn't move up , i love it!

My wetsuit is from the french company Soöruz they produce long wetsuits in XXS and shortys in XS.

If you have any question, let me know.