Learn to kite in one week!

Katharina and Raffaela visited the Kite Village Hamata with the aim to learn kiting in one week. In a beautiful lagoon with flat water and constant winds, they practiced and made significant progress. After five days they were able to ride and perform maneuvers in a controlled manner.

Kiki Höglinger
 min read
April 3, 2023

Our spot islocated in a beautiful lagoon with shallow water and constant winds, which areperfect conditions for both beginners and advanced riders. If the girls aremotivated, they can definitely achieve their goal 😊

After anintroduction to the theoretical basics of kiting, they headed straight to thebeach. It's quite an experience when you feel the power of the wind for thefirst time. It can be intimidating at first, but with each training session,you learn to transform fear into respect, and you have more and more fun tamingthe wind!

 It's simplyawesome to watch our students make significant progress with each session,playing more and more with the wind, and especially advancing technically.Thanks to the local conditions, the learning curve is just fantastic!

 After fivedays, the two were able to ride back and forth in a controlled manner andperform maneuvers like turns or jibes... and there are even rumors that theytried their first jumps.

 Learning tokite in one week - they can be very proud of themselves :)

 Here, youcan watch them from the first day, how their "supermen" looked, andhow much they enjoyed their week with us.

LearningHow to kite day 1

LearningHow to kite day 2


LearningHow to kite day 3


LearningHow to kite day 4