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Our experience of the last 3 years in Hamata has shown, that the south of Egypt is mainly spoiled with wind in the months from September until June.

In this time we like to fly with the 9 and 12 kite sizes.


The more kites you take with you the better, because from 7 until 16 sizes everything is possible!

In July and August we have most of the time thermal winds around midday which are very stable but less strong than in wintertime, so you should definitely also bring bigger kites like 14 and 16 with you if you can.

The wind forecast of in Wadi el Gemal about 50 km north of Kite-Village are the most accurate for us.

In addition to the normal forecast you can add up until 5 to 8 knots when the wind direction is North- and North West, due to the local thermal conditions.

The super-forecast for the upcoming 3 days is very precise concerning the actual wind force we measure.

We are impressed, thank you Windfinder!

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The Kite-Village area is influenced heavily by thermal conditions. The impressive mountain backdrop and the gigantic desert in the outback landscape are heating up enormously during the day and result in the “pressure release” that we all cherish so much.

Therefore the wind in the morning is slightly off-shore and a bit gusty, turns between 9 and 10 o’clock parallel to the beach onto side shore (from the left) and grows in strength until midday.

In the late afternoon the wind turns slightly on-shore and slowly calms down.

The desert cools down a lot at night and the next day the same procedure starts again…

Unfortunately we are not able yet to install a web cam due to the lack of a fast Internet connection. Please be patient…we are working on it.

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