Stand Up Paddle

You can explore the the beauty of the mangrove forest which is located upwind of the station or if you like it more sportive you are able to do a trip around the islands which is in front of the outer reef.
be aware: you are not allowed to trespass the island at anytime!!

Desert Safari

take a look…

Diving – Snorkeling

In our aquacenter, directly at the beach, you can book snorkeling trips easy and without any hustle, for example the morning breeze needs a bit longer to build, this is a good way to start the day. We bring you straight from the kitebeach to some of the best snorkeling areas around, so you can jump in an aquarium like surrounding and enjoy the marvelous underwater world.
As soon as the thermal wind kicks in, we drive back to the kitebeach so you do not miss a day on the water.