The Spot

The seemingly biggest standing range in all of Egypt spreads along a unique nature backdrop. The mangrove forest in combination with the crystal clear water and his infinite magnitude offers a spot that makes a kiter’s heart jump.

The huge standing range provides outstanding circumstances for every beginner- no coral or reef endangers your first steps on the board- sand as far as the eyes can see.

The standing range spreads over the lagoon which is about 2×3 kilometers and the water is mostly reaching to your knees or hips-in the channel in the lagoon’s center up until your shoulders- depending on the tide.

During the summer, in the months July and August, the water level in the Red Sea is dropping and this can cause the lagoon to be quite shallow in some areas for a view hours. But our channel with the size of around 300 to 800 meters keeps being possible to ride on with the water reaching to your hips also in those times.

Beginners, which are not yet able to go upwind will feel very comfortable here, because we have more than enough space to the downwind shore and the wind blows side to side-shore (from the left).

Advanced riders amongst you can riot in the deeper water. An excursion to the 2 Islands in front of the lagoon becomes a very special event.

The crystal clear water allows the sight down to the bottom of the sea. But the team advices you to only conquer the islands in a group of minimal 3 Kiters, SAFETY FIRST!!!

Another highlight is kiting along the beautiful mangrove forest.

We already would like to kindly ask you, to treat this nature park with respect.

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