Kite – Bar

If you are hungry you can get small snacks like salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas or pasta.

Prices in Euro


Water / small 1,-
Water /big 2,-
Cola Fanta Sprite Tonic Soda 2,-
Red Bull 3,-

Fresh Juices 2,5

Non Alcoholic Juices 3,5

Tea 1,5
Nescafe 2,-
Espresso 2,5
Double Espresso 4,-
Cappucino 3,-
Caffe Latte 3,-
Ice coffe 3,-
Mocca 3,5
American Coffe 2,5

Beer Sakkara or Stella 0,5 l 4,-

Wine one bottle 20,-
Wine one glas 4,-


Pizza Margarita 5,-
Pizza Chicken 7,-
Pizza Salami 7,-
Pizza Seafood 7,-
Pizza tuna 6,-
Pizza Seprime 7,-
PIZZA Hot dog 6,-
Pizza Vegeterian 6,-
Pizza Kite village 8,-

Tuna Salad 6,-
Greek Salad 6,-
Chicken Salad 7,-
Seafood Salad 7,-
Ceasar Salad 6,-

Sandwich Tuna 6,-
Sandwich Hot dog 6,-
Sandwich Chicken 7,-
Sandwich Seafood 7,-
Burger Sandwich 6,-

Pasta Pomodore with Tomato 5,-
Pasta Vegetarian 6,-
Pasta Tuna 6,5
Pasta Bolognese 6,5
Pasta Sea Food 7,-
Pasta Garlik 6,-

Chicken Dishes
Chicken grill with mushroomsouce 8,-
Chicken Balsamico 7,-
French Fries 3,-

Fresh Fish 8,-

Barbeque lunc time
Chicken + kofta + salad + tahina + bread 10,-

Chill out

Between your sessions the Kitevillage offers you chill-out areas in the sun or shadow where you can refuel for your sessions. We have sun lounger and beanbags to relax so you can enjoy your vacation not only on the water but also at the beach.



We can offer you massages for top prices from our professional masseur Oscar. It’s a perfect way to relax after kiting the whole day or to get your body back in shape for the next sessions. So you are able to push your limits in every session here in Hamata!