Crash Course – 8 hours

Crash Course I

Duration: 2-3 days, maximal 8 h, 2-6 participants (In case of having just one participant, it may be possible to shorten the coursetime.)

Contents: Theory, steering of the kite on land and water, relaunch, bodydrag, board start, riding the first few meters.

After these 8h course, you should be ready to continue practicing with your own equipment by yourself. This basic-course should give sporty students a fast entrance into the Kitesurfing sport. Experiences in similar sports e.g. snowboarding, wake boarding, windsurfing, surfing or land-kiting is a must.

€ 336.- from 1.11.2021 € 370,-

Crash Course II
Length of stay min. 1 week

Contents: Same as Crash Course I connected with equipment rental for 2 days
€ 493.- from 1.11.2021 € 542,-

Crash-Course III
Length of stay min. 2 weeks

Contents: Same as Crash-Course I connected with equipment rental for 1 week

€ 640.- from 1.11.2021 € 704,-

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Crash Course

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